Please complete this form if you are moving into a location with existing electric service. If you are establishing service at a new location, a location that does not currently have electric power in place, such as a new construction, please click here for more information on requirements. Same day service is offered until 4:30 pm. 

Important Note: A copy of your driver's license is required for service to be connected.  Proof of ownership or a copy of the rent receipt is also required. You can email a copy to

If you need assistance, our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you get your electricity turned on. Call us at (229) 468-7415 or toll-free at (800) 237-3745 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. for assistance. 

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We offer a portal for online bill payment and account management.  If you would like access to your account online, please create a password and password hint now for easy access to your account at  Please note passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers.

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New applicants are required to pay Security Deposit(s) and Fees. We need permission to check your credit history. Security deposits vary depending on your credit history. Rent receipt and copy of current picture identification is needed.

Interested in waiving your deposit?  Click here for more information on Advance Pay!

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I have read and agree to the Service Rules & Regulations , ByLaws, and Advance Pay Terms of Service (if applicable) of Irwin EMC. By submitting this application request, I also agree that a credit check may be submitted to determine if a security deposit is required. Permission is hereby granted to Irwin EMC to check my credit history for the sole purpose of determining my total deposit amount. I fully understand that I must provide all of the following: Photo ID, Social Security Number, Rent/Lease Agreement or Proof of Home Ownership. If these items are not provided or the Social Security Number does not match, the maximum deposit may be applied. I also give Irwin EMC express consent to send SMS text alerts, Emails and Phone Calls to inform you of account activity. If your mobile number changes, it is important that you contact Irwin EMC to update the information. For Advance Pay Accounts, I agree that my unpaid balance of will be collected at a rate of 50% of each payment I make until the above amount has been paid in full. I understand that the deposit on this account will be applied toward my previous amount due. I also understand that if my Advance Pay account is negative, I will be subject to disconnection. In order to have my electricity reconnected, I will need to pay any amount due plus $20. There will be no arrangements made with Advance Pay members. Advance Pay accounts will not be required for a credit check.
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